Bespoke 3DUI XNA Framework

The Bespoke 3DUI Framework is an XNA-based, open-source software library for developing games and simulations using 3D user interfaces. It includes pre-compiled binaries (Windows x86), source code for the library, sample projects, documentation, and has been released under the Microsoft Public License. The key feature of the framework is that it provides a set of software components that are essential to supporting spatial 3D interaction. These components include:

  • Stereoscopic Rendering
  • 6DOF Optical Head Tracking
  • Wiimote 3D Motion Controller Support
  • An Extensible 3D Gesture Recognizer

The framework is built upon Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1, supporting 2D and 3D graphics rendering, a programmable graphics pipeline (vertex and pixel shaders), 3D audio, multiplayer support through Microsoft’s LIVE service, and is backed by the complete .NET Framework Class Libraries. In addition, we have extended the core XNA framework with a rich set of components, such as 3D scene management, a variety of virtual cameras, and other utilities, to make game development easier.

This software was developed in collaboration with the Interactive Systems & User Experiences Lab at the University of Central Florida.

Downloads (Current Version: – Release Date 5/10/2010)

Installation Notes

The 3DUI XNA Framework requires the .NET 3.5 Framework to run. To compile the software (pre-compiled binaries are included in the package) you’ll need Visual Studio 2008 (any of the Visual Studio SKUs will function, including the Express Editions). You’ll also need XNA Game Studio 3.1 which requires Visual Studio Service Pack 1 if you intend to compile the library.


Below are a few videos of games developed using the framework. These were all developed by University of Central Florida students attending CAP 6938 – 3D User Interfaces for Games and Virtual Reality.

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