Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework

The Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework is a feature-rich and extensible software framework for developing multi-touch interfaces. Licensed under the BSD License, you are free to use and extend the source code to suit your purposes. The framework can be paired with any vision-based multi-touch hardware (e.g. FTIR, or Diffused Illumination). With the limited commercial availability of multi-touch hardware, it’s likely that you’ll need to build your own multi-touch surface. Following is a list of previous multi-touch blog entries:

Downloads (Current Version: – Release Date: 10/11/2008)

Installation Notes

The Multi-Touch Framework requires the .NET 2.0 Framework to run. To compile the software (pre-compiled binaries are included in the package) you’ll also need Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (any of the Visual Studio SKUs will function, including the Express Editions). And to utilize the XNA presentation layer, you’ll need XNA Game Studio 2.0. For XNA support, the library includes only a partial install of the Bespoke 3DUI XNA Framework (an XNA-based game engine and 3D user interface toolkit) . Additional sample code for the 3DUI Framework is included in the full Bespoke 3DUI XNA Framework installation.