Multi-Touch Mouse Emulator

I’ve added a mouse emulator to the Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework. The emulator is UI independent and passes mouse messages to the operating system. I’ve included a GUI that runs in the Windows systray and allows the emulator to be started/paused/stopped and for various settings to be adjusted. The gestures are:

Single point
Press and hold – Mouse move
Press briefly – Left click

Two points
Two brief touches next to each other. Move the mouse and double click
Press and hold right point and tap to the left. Left click
Press and hold left point and tap to the right. Right click
Press and hold left point and drag right point vertically– Mouse wheel
Press and hold bottom point and drag top point horizontally – Alt-tab (not actually a mouse command, but seemed useful)

Below are a couple of demonstration videos. The first is just on the Windows desktop, and the second video is a brief game of Starcraft.