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OpenGL and DirectX Essentials LiveLessons Updates

I’ve significantly refactored the source code for the OpenGL Essentials LiveLessons and DirectX Essentials LiveLessons videos. You can find the updated code on Bitbucket. The original code still resides under the master branch and the new code lives in the

PowerPoint Slides for DirectX Book

If you are an instructor, and have adopted Real-Time 3D Rendering with DirectX and HLSL for a class, there are over 400 slides available covering every chapter in the book. You can download these slides for free through the book’s

DirectX Essentials LiveLessons

DirectX Essentials LiveLessons is now available! This is a video series on graphics development using DirectX. These videos follow the same lesson structure as OpenGL Essentials LiveLessons and offer practical, usable instruction on Direct 3D. The source code discussed during the

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OpenGL Essentials LiveLessons

I’m very happy to announce the release of OpenGL Essentials LiveLessons, a video series on graphics development using OpenGL. These videos offer over 5 hours of instruction on modern OpenGL development (using the OpenGL 4.4 API) and shader programming with