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    hi paul sorry to buggy you, i purchased 2 other book :

    – Beginning Direct x 11 – source code is juste a joke, don’t compil on second listing
    – 3D game programming with direct x 11 – just too old, effect11.lib issue etc…

    and your,

    seem fine, but i’m running windows 7 x 64 pro, and therefore i cannot install Windows 8 Sdk, (i’m trying but sure he will fail)

    so does there is anyway to setup VS 2015 according to your book exigeance,

    and make the whole bunch work on a Windows 7.1 Sdk, Direct X 11.1, VS 2015 ?

    Thanks ; )


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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  Folamour.

    Paul Varcholik


    Yes, you can absolutely use the book’s code under Windows 7. First note that, under Windows 7, the DirectX SDK is a standalone download and is not part of the Windows SDK. Here’s a link to the DirectX SDK for June 2010 — which is the revision you’ll need for Windows 7. Also note that this supports DirectX 11, not 11.1 or greater. But, that’s really not an issue when you are learning Direct3D. There’s nothing, in the beginning of your exploration, that you won’t be able to accomplish with DirectX 11 that you could with DirectX 11.1 or greater.

    That said, portion of the DirectX 11.1 Runtime are available on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Chuck Walbourn, from Microsoft, has a post about this.

    Also note that there is a known issue installing DirectX SDK June 2010. It’s an error labeled “S1023”. If you get this error, here’s a Microsoft support site that describes the fix.

    Then, the book’s code should happily build using Visual Studio 2015. Just be certain to say ‘no’ to upgrading the book’s VS 2013 projects to VS 2015 projects. VS 2015 has no issues loading VS 2013 projects without requiring them to be upgraded. But if you do upgrade them, I suspect you’ll find numerous issues.

    All that said, I have a series of companion videos called DirectX Essentials LiveLessons than nicely compliment the book. I just recently updated that code to use VS 2015 projects, NuGet packages, more C++11 constructs, and much more. All around that’s a better code branch that what I’ve provided in the book. The source for those lessons is available at just as is the code for the book. If you choose to use that code instead, make certain that you clone (or download) the VS 2015 branch and not the master branch.

    I do have plans to update the book’s source to match what I’ve done in the videos, but it’s a time consuming process.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have additional questions or problems.


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