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    Hi just finished the book and i was wondering how hard would it be to implement the terrain from Lunar’s Dx11 book?

    I am thinking i need to abstract from Drawable component but what else would i need to change or should it just slot in if i make sure it gets called properly?

    Also should i bother to remove the effect dependency or leave it as it is as a lot of code i have seen does not depend on the effects 11 lib but i am not sure what items i need to change without changeing to much from the book.

    I cant afford to get the vid tuts so thats a non starter as i do this from my bed as im ill so i have very few ways of getting info “i dont have Franks book but the code”.

    I hope this makes sense as my pain killers are strong and working today lol


    Paul Varcholik

    I don’t think this should be too difficult. Yes, you’ll derive from DrawableGameComponent and add an instance of your component to the Game::Components vector.

    Irrespective of watching the DirectX Essentials LiveLessons, if you want a bit more modern codebase, you can use the code from https://bitbucket.org/pvarcholik/directx-essentials-livelessons. Be certain to clone the VS2015 branch instead of the master branch. Among many other changes, that code removes the Effects 11 library dependency altogether.




    Ok cool thanks i also see the bespoke code has a couple of things to add like sprites also its a good book just a shame its getting a bit dated no 2nd Edition? hint hint wink wink lol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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