OpenGL and DirectX Essentials LiveLessons Updates

I’ve significantly refactored the source code for the OpenGL Essentials LiveLessons and DirectX Essentials LiveLessons videos. You can find the updated code on Bitbucket.

The original code still resides under the master branch and the new code lives in the VS2015 branch (same branch names for both repositories). Here’s a general summary of the updates:

  • Visual Studio 2015 projects
  • Pre-compiled headers
  • Project references to the Library project
  • Employing NuGet packages for most external dependencies
  • Increased warning level (and now treating warnings as errors)
  • More C++11 usage
  • Replaced most raw pointers with smart pointers
  • Additional refactoring for C++ Core Guidelines
  • Bug fixes

I’ll be doing a similar treatment for the DirectX book over the coming weeks. Shout if you have any questions.